Laura Bell | Founder and CEO By Laura Bell | Founder and CEO • June 23, 2020

SafeStack Academy - Security awareness for small businesses

Today, it is my absolute pleasure to announce and welcome you to SafeStack Academy, an online platform providing security education for small businesses.

You can sign up today at including the option for a no obligation 14 day trial.

Big benefits for smaller businesses

As more of our small businesses move online, it is becoming more important than ever to protect what matters most to them. Our smaller organisations know this but often do not know where to begin.

SafeStack Academy provides bitesize, actionable guidance in both English and Te Reo Māori. Designed to be a security awareness program rather than a course, SafeStack Academy provides new modules each month, engaging learners over time to help strengthen behaviours and adapt to emerging security risks.Superheroes_City_SafeStack-1

In our current, uncertain times, our smaller businesses need support to survive and thrive. SafeStack Academy has made it simple for smaller companies to roll out security awareness training in just minutes and at a low annual cost per learner. This simplifies compliance with schemes such as PCI DSS (the payment card industry data security standard), often speeds up sales to larger organisations and provides comfort that our teams know how to respond to cyber security risks in a way that suits smaller operating environments.

Better, Outcome Focused Learning

This isn't our first training rodeo. A lot of people know us from our in-person training, and our previous work with online learning. We took time last year, came together as a team, spoke to our customers, and listened. We know that our customers wanted more role-focused training, and only the training they needed. We took some time to learn and grow, and re-built our whole service filling learning design principles.

Security for everyone, everywhere

At SafeStack, we believe that cyber security is essential for all businesses.

Many smaller organisations, however, wait a long time before securing their systems and data. They often find that the products and services available are expensive and designed for much bigger organisations with more resources. By providing training programs designed and built for smaller organisations, our SMB community are empowered to protect themselves.

Come and join us

It wouldn’t be much of a product launch if I didn’t leave you with a call to action. It’s time to join us and start learning. You can sign up today at including the option for a no obligation 14 day trial.

If you would like to talk to our team about bringing SafeStack Academy to your organization, an existing LMS or partnering with us, drop us an email to

Before you go, I'd like to thank a few people

This launch wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible work of the SafeStack team. These have not been an easy few months for most businesses and we are no different.




To Erica, Rachel, Daniel and Maria, you are amazing people and I am so grateful to work alongside you all. We have achieved so much together and so much more than we could have each done alone.

To Zed, Angie, Tangaroa, Alex and Ian - you are the best supporting cast that we could ever ask for. You bring the sound to our vision and the viewpoints and voices we could not provide ourselves.

To our family, friends and supporters, thank you for your patience, your enthusiasm, the reality checks and the space to dream a bit bigger.

Laura Bell - Founder - SafeStack